5KSC Crew Articles

This document sets out the terms on which all crew members, including the Skipper, join a vessel chartered through the Association for any voyage (including a race). All on board must sign an agreement assenting to these terms and send it to the Yacht Secretary before commencing their voyage.

The Skipper is ultimately responsible for every aspect of the voyage, and for this reason and by the custom of the sea his decision is final on all matters. He may consult the opinions of his crew and should as far as possible consider their wishes but his orders must be obeyed without question.

Ships Work
All members of the crew shall share equally in the work of the ship but the Skipper may restrict such duties as he thinks fit to those crew members who possess the requisite qualifications. Instruction in seamanship will be given to those who wish when circumstances permit. Since the Skipper’s responsibilities are continuous from the sailing day till the final handover, he is not expected to take full share of routine chores.

Contribution to Cost
The charter fee and/or all berth fees must be paid in full to the 5KSC before departure for a voyage. Each voyage shall be self-supporting and the cost of the voyage shall be shared equally between all on board. Before the ship sails an agreed subscription should be paid to the Skipper as each individual's contribution towards the cost of food, fuel, harbour dues and other running expenses. If the total cost (including replacement of the ship's gear lost, damaged or used up, cost of repairs, third party and other claims not covered by insurance) exceeds the total of the agreed subscription, all on board shall contribute equally to the excess. Conversely, any balance remaining after all expenses of the voyage have been met shall be returned to the contributors in equal shares. If the cost of the cruise greatly exceeds the estimate, application may be made to the yacht secretary, who if satisfied as to the reasonableness of the cause of the excess may make a contribution to it to be shared equally between the crew.

Consumable Stores
Costs for Fuel and Gas are reimbursed on provision of receipts at the end of Charter. Each crew is responsible for supplying its own provisions and must refill all water supply, fuel tanks, oil reserves, and ensure that there is a full spare cylinder of gas for the incoming crew, whether or not the preceding crew had done so for them.
Other Consumable Stores (e.g. Boson’s gear, medical stores): An initial supply is placed on board by the 5KSC at the start of the season. Each crew is responsible for replacing any part of such stores which is used by the crew.

Failure to Return on Time
If the yacht is not handed over to the incoming crew fully seaworthy and ready to sail with all her equipment working properly at the time and place agreed, then for each day or part of a day late the whole crew must jointly pay to the Yacht Secretary the full daily charter rate laid down. In addition the whole crew are jointly and severally liable to pay the 5KSC on demand a sum not exceeding £20 per day or part of a day until the yacht is in proper condition and place for her next use, as a contribution in whole or in part for expenses incurred by the 5KSC and/or the incoming crew attributable to the delay. This additional sum will not be demanded, or will be reduced, if in the opinion of the 5KSC committee the crew ought to be excused because they exercised reasonable judgement in planning and/or remaining in safety, and took all proper steps to notify the incoming Skipper and the Yacht Secretary of the delay.

Yacht not ready on time
If the yacht is not available to be handed over to the incoming crew fully seaworthy and ready with all her equipment working properly, the incoming crew shall have no claim as of right on the 5KSC save fora payment of the daily charter and/or berth fee for each full day when the yacht is not available. The 5KSC Committee will however consider favourably claims for unavoidable out of pocket expenses attributable to the delayed handover.

Cruising Limits
CSSA club yachts are not to be taken outside the area of the waters of United Kingdom, Eire and the Continent of Europe between Brest and the River Elbe and the continental inland waterways north of 46 degrees 30 minutes North, and west of 10 degrees East, without prior agreement from the Yacht Secretary.

Crew's Gear
All members of the crew shall provide their own sea clothing and bedding (sleeping bags), towels etc.
Life Jackets - Lifejackets provided by 5KSC meet with RYA guidance (includes crotch straps, whistle, light and integral harness) and are tested annually at an approved centre in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidance. 5KSC strongly discourages use of your own lifejacket - doing so is at your own risk. 5KSC supports Skippers refusing to permit crew to sail wearing lifejackets below the standard and testing of 5KSC lifejackets

Members join a voyage at their own risk. Neither the Skipper nor the 5KSC or CSSA shall be liable in the event of injury, loss or damage arising in the course of or in connection with any voyage.

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Last Update 28th January 2020