5KSC Inshore Skipper Scheme


The Scheme provides an opportunity for Day Skippers to Skipper our Yacht. We would encourage our Day Skippers to use the scheme to gain sea miles and experience as Skippers.  Below are the registration requirements and restrictions. 

If you want to join the scheme please read the information below then complete form- 5KSC Inshore Skipper Registration .  You will need to be a 5KSC member with Day Skipper and will need your CSSA membership number to register.  We will take it from there.    


1. This 5KSC Inshore Skipper Scheme balances 5KSC’s duty of care to its members and the risks to 5KSC that an incident would present, with opportunities for novice skippers to gain experience aboard a CSSA yacht while following the principles of the Small Commercial Pleasure Vessel and Pilot Boat Code of Practice (CoP) attached to MGN280.

2. 5KSC voluntarily operates according to the Maritime & Coast Guard Agency’s (MCA) CoP attached to MGN280. Where there is conflict between the MGN280 CoP and the Blue code (The Safety of Small Commercial Sailing Vessels – A Code of Practice), 5KSC operates to the MGN280 CoP unless specifically stated below.

3. The scheme operates under the MGN 280 category 5 conditions that require the skipper to ensure that the vessel remains within 20 miles from a nominated departure point in favorable weather and daylight. For the purposes of the 5KSC inshore skipper scheme the nominated departure point is Largs. This scheme defines a restricted area that is within 20 miles of Largs.

4. Skippers are expected to be familiar with 5KSC’s arrangements to comply with the CoP as set out in the Vessel File. In particular, Skippers must follow the advice on competence and manning set out in Annex 3 of the CoP and be familiar with 5KSC’s arrangements concerning each of a) gaining experience in operation of the yacht’s hardware, b) the location of documentation, and c) 5KSC’s procedures for handover compatible with the requirements set out in Annex 8 of the CoP.

Registering as a 5KSC Inshore Skipper

5. Applicants who wish to register as 5KSC Inshore Skippers should complete the form in Annex A and mail it to Crew_Bureau@5KSC.org.uk together with scans of the required certificates and experience logs. The application will be considered by a panel of assessors (usually the Club Officers).

6. To be eligible for registration as a 5KSC Inshore Skipper, applicants must:

·         Hold a Day Skipper RYA practical course completion certificate or higher.  Certificates from non-tidal waters are acceptable.

·         Have logged experience in tidal waters including experience in the Scheme’s defined areas of the Clyde (see below) in a role demonstrating responsibility to the satisfaction of the 5KSC assessors.

·         Hold RYA shore based course certificates for:

o   GMDSS radio;

o   First Aid; and

o   Day Skipper or Yachtmaster theory.

·         Applicants will find it helpful to have completed the RYA shore based courses for:

o   Diesel engine maintenance; and

o   Basic Sea Survival


Have sufficient sailing experience aboard YNOT to have gained familiarity with 5KSC’s arrangements to satisfy Annex 8 to the CoP - in particular stowage of all the gear; location and operation of the sea cocks and bilge pumps; familiar with the electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment; setting, sheeting and reefing each sail; and engine operation and checks as set out in the Vessel File.

·         Provide contact details for two CSSA Approved Skippers who have agreed to provide references in support of the application.

7. The referees will be asked the following –

Do you believe [the applicant] will:

·         Do their utmost to assure the safety of the crew, the Club yacht, other water users and themselves?

·         Will assemble a crew with appropriate knowledge of Ynot and competence to complete safely the planned passages in the Clyde?

·         Will refuse novices applying to join the crew?

·         Adapt their plans to suit the forecast and existing local weather conditions?

·         Resist temptation to venture into or out of a port where local conditions (weather, wind, sea state, mooring space, manoeuvring space, etc.) are likely to be challenging?

·         Comply with Club procedures for booking and operating the Club yacht?

·         Lead the crew in maintenance of the Club yacht and will record any faults encountered and aspire to leave her in better condition than found?

·         Maintain their familiarity with 5KSC’s arrangements as noted in the Vessel File to satisfy the Maritime & Coast Guard Agency’s (MCA) Small Commercial Pleasure Vessel and Pilot Boat Code of Practice attached to MGN280? Particularly Annex 3 manning and Annex 8 handover?

·         Contribute to annual maintenance of the yacht?

Chartering as a 5KSC Inshore Skipper

8. The following restrictions apply to registered 5KSC Inshore Skippers wanting to charter the CSSA yacht operated by 5KSC:

·         There must be at least two people aboard qualified to at least RYA Day Skipper and at least a further two deemed by the 5KSC assessors to be competent crew. Inshore Skippers must not invite novices.

·         Sailing is restricted to daylight hours and a forecast wind of force 4 or less with fair weather. Forecast visibility must be at least 1000m. Fair weather includes light showers and drizzle but excludes heavy rain or showers that bring restricted visibility and/or squalls likely to exceed Force 6. Local effects in the Clyde can increase or reduce the forecast wind strength by two forces, for example, a force 4 may reduce to force 2 in the lee of hills and increase to force 6 when funnelled along lochs.

·         Restricted to the area of:

o   No further South than Whiting Bay, Arran;

o   No further South West than Loch Ranza, Arran;

o   No further East than Helensburgh;

o   Remain south of and well clear of Otter Spit.

·         Anchoring is encouraged during daylight but is not permitted overnight because problems (worsening weather, dragged anchor, etc.) would require night sailing outside of the scope of the 5KSC Inshore Skipper scheme.

9. The crew should nominate a skipper and mate for each day of the charter. The nominated skipper should put a list of the crew in the ‘Narrative’ part of the logbook and indicate who is satisfying the role of skipper and mate.

10. As for all skippers and crew, in the event of an insurance claim resulting from a charter, 5KSC will ask the skipper and crew to cover the insurance excess (£500 in 2018).

11. The final decision on the charter of 5KSC’s yacht to a 5KSC Inshore Skipper lies with the 5KSC Committee.

Withdrawal of 5KSC Inshore Skipper status

12. In the event of an incident or complaint concerning a 5KSC Inshore Skipper the evidence will be heard by a panel assembled from the 5KSC Committee (usually the Club Officers) or, if required under CSSA rules, referred to the CSSA.

13. For hearings by a 5KSC panel, a unanimous decision of the panel for withdrawal of 5KSC Inshore Skipper status is final. If the panel is split, the decision will be made at a hearing by the full 5KSC Committee and withdrawal of 5KSC Skipper status will be carried by a vote of at least 60% of those eligible to vote.