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This is a Standby Reserve only and is not a crew booking for a berth. If we have a cancellation, we will invite you to fill the cancelled berth. There is no commitment on your part to do so.

Booking Details
Passage Liverpool to Conwy
Daytime trip. leaving 0900
Club CruisePassage Liverpool to Conwy Tue 05-May-2020Tue 05-May-2020R Ingram
Fees: Club Cruises
(NB: For small crew charters with own CSSA skipper. )
1 day at £45.00 per day. Total = £45.00.
(Additional fee of : £8.00 for None CSSA Members)

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Skippers notes - we suggest you sleep aboard on 4/5/20- NB date may change

Your booking will be subject to availability and acceptance by 5 Kingdoms.

If you have any questions please contact our Crew Bureau

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