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Please note:
This is a Standby Reserve only and is not a crew booking for a berth. If we have a cancellation, we will invite you to fill the cancelled berth. There is no commitment on your part to do so.

Booking Details
Skills honing with option to race with LYC Venture fleet - Start 13:55
£5 per person payable to LYC for race entry
Race or Skills HoningSkills honing with option to race with LYC Venture fleet - Start 13:55Sun 27-Jan-2019Sun 27-Jan-2019Paul Brereton
Fees: ( Race or Skills Honing)
1 day at £20.00 per day. Total = £20.00.
(Additional fee of : £8.00 for None CSSA Members)

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Skippers notes -

Your booking will be subject to availability and acceptance by 5 Kingdoms.

If you have any questions please contact our Crew Bureau

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